New York City trip planner is a free mapping and route planning service for getting around New York City. You can find the fastest route and compare trips in all modes of transport such as subway, metro, bus , ferry, bike, pedestrian, and car for all over New York City. You can also get in real time the subway and bus schedule as well as the alerts published by MTA.

Getting around New York City

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About the public transport in New York City

New york city subway

The New York City Subway is a metropolitan transportation system serving New York City in the United States. All public transportation infrastructure is owned by the City of New York, which has transferred the operation of the network to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

With more than 5 million riders per weekday, the subway is the busiest means of public transport in the New York megalopolis. It has 425 stations with 472 stops on 24 lines spread over 236 miles, making it the world leader in terms of the number of lines and stations served. The lines are almost exclusively underground in Manhattan, while they are mostly overhead in the rest of the city.

The bus networks, the Metro-North Railroad, the Staten Island Railway and the Long Island Rail Road are also managed by MTA.

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