Fares and tolls in New York City

How much it costs to ride the NYC subway, metro and bus ?

The New York Subway is the most widely used means of transportation among New Yorkers. Taking the subway is an easy and safe way to get to your destination in New York City quickly. The New York Subway offers a network that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. With the MetroCard, the pass for the subway in New York City, a one-way trip costs only $2.75. It is the cheapest way to discover the city. The fare is $3.00 per one-way trip when purchasing single tickets. To save money on the New York City subway fare, you can purchase a MetroCard. This card comes in two versions for visiting New York City: the MetroCard Pay-Per-Ride and the Unlimited Ride MetroCard.

Where to buy your tickets?

If you are planning to make many trips on the subway or bus in NYC, this card can be very useful. Children under 112 cm travel for free, regardless of age. Seniors pay the standard fare. You can buy a metro card or top up your metro card at any station using a machine or by going to the ticket office. When paying at the machine, you will be asked for your postal code (ZIP code). Simply type "99999". There is a $1 fee for each new MetroCard. You can only purchase a maximum of 2 MetroCards with the same credit card.

About bus and subway fare

  • A one-way trip costs $2.75 with the MetroCard. Without MetroCard the single ticket costs $3.00 per one-way trip.
  • Express bus costs $6.75.
  • One free transfer within two hours of swiping your MetroCard. Riders can transfer from subway to bus, bus to subway, or bus to bus.
  • 7-Day Unlimited Express Bus Plus MetroCard gives riders free transfers.
  • The single ticket gives you a free bus-to-bus transfer, but no transfer between subway and bus.
  • MetroCards except the Single Ride card are refillabe. It cost $1.
  • Disabled persons or persons aged 65 or older are eligible for a reduced fare. it costs 50% of the base fare.
  • The unlimited MetroCard offers unlimited sweeps within a period of time.
  • Fares for LIRR and Metro-North railroads : it depends on where you’re traveling. See LIRR and MNR fare details.

Getting around New York City

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