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walking > ferrySV > walking > rail1 > walkingTravel time: 1h33
Leave at 09:04 am Arrive at 10:37 am

    09:04Coninue on West Broadway (Direction : SOUTHWEST)
  2. Continue on Park Place heading southeast
  3. Continue on Church Street heading southwest
  4. Continue on Cortlandt Street heading southeast
  5. Continue on Maiden Lane heading southeast
  6. Continue on Pearl Street heading southwest
  7. Continue on Wall Street heading southeast
  8. Continue on East River Esplanade heading southwest
  9. Continue on path heading southeast
  10. Continue on Wall St/Pier 11 heading southwest
    Wall St/Pier 11 Station
    Soundview >> To Ferry Point Park
  2. Stuyvesant Cove Station
  3. 09:49
    East 34th Street Station
    Coninue on East 34th Street/Midtown Landing (Direction : NORTHWEST)
  2. Continue on sidewalk heading northeast
  3. Continue on FDR Drive Greenway heading northeast
  4. Continue on FDR Drive Greenway heading northwest
  5. Continue on East 37th Street heading northwest
  6. Continue on 1st Avenue heading northeast
  7. Continue on East 40th Street heading northwest
  8. Continue on Lexington Avenue heading northeast
  9. Continue on path heading north
  10. Continue on Grand Central Terminal heading northwest
    Grand Central Terminal Station
    Hudson >> To Poughkeepsie
  2. Harlem-125 St Station
  3. 10:33
    Marble Hill Station
    Coninue on Marble Hill (Direction : NORTHEAST)
  2. Continue on West 225th Street heading southeast
  3. Continue on Broadway heading northeast
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