E 8 ST/MERCER ST bus stop: time, map and trip planner

E 8 ST/MERCER ST bus stop is served by thes buses M55, M8, M2, M1, and M3.

The stop is located 0.22 miles from Washington Square Park, 0.38 miles from Madison Square Garden, and 0.53 miles from Brooklyn Bridge.

Scheduled buses at E 8 ST/MERCER ST stop

    M8 direction AVENUE D CROSSTOWN
  • 0.6 miles away 00:40
    M1 direction SOHO CENTRE ST via 5 AV/ via BROADWAY
  • 2.0 miles away 00:44
    M55 direction SOUTH FERRY
  • 2.2 miles away 00:50
    M2 direction EAST VILLAGE 8 ST via 5 AV
  • 6.3 miles away 01:04

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The bus E-8-ST-MERCER-ST stop on New York City map

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